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May 2009

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plagueofghosts in wingsofcolor

Who: Aiden, Ester, also open to people who would be at the pokemon centre at this time
What: Medicine delivery
Where: Old Rose pokemon centre
When: Before the ruins raid. Evening.
Why: To make sick pokemon better again!

Note: I'm assuming here that Garth told Ester to deliver medicine (which is I guess okay since he's my character) and that Ester actually did it (which I think she would but it's not actually an okay thing for me to assume). If that's not okay with you then disregard this~

Aiden had been staring at a Shellos for half an hour now.

The senior nurses, before his shift had begun, had given it painkillers and they seemed to be working. It was moving around slowly and curiously now rather than staying still and trembling. But the painkillers also made it slower, there was a chance it wouldn't think to-

One again, as if on cue, its body glowed softly. Aiden sighed with relief. It had remembered to use recover.

"Good." He whispered, patting its head. The Shellos cried out weakly and rubbed against his hand.

It was poisonned. Badly poisonned, either with toxic or toxic spikes more than likely. Normally that wouldn't be such a problem but it had never fainted. When a pokemon fainted from poisonning it usually forced them to rest and gave their body a chance to fight. The shellos had gone for a long time, more than a few days maybe, using recover and eating berries until the poison couldn't easily be removed and there was a chance that it might not just faint. One of the senior nurses had contacted Apricot City's gym leader and he had called back a few hours ago to let them know he had sent one of his trainers with medicine. Until the medicine arrived, all that could be done was keeping an eye on it, making sure it used recover as if had been doing and giving it medicine to fight the symptoms if it didn't. The healing machines were built to restore damage sustained in battle, there was little they could do about this.

But it had used recover, at least, so Aiden was free to turn his attention back to manning the front desk for half an hour or so. He left the Shellos under the watchful eye of Pin, who was in turn under the watchful eye of a Blissey belonging to one of the older nurses.

It can't be in that much danger.
Aiden thought as he attemped to stare through the glass doors into the world outside. It wasn't totally dark, his shift had begun a few hours earlier than usual, but the streetlights were starting to come on. There'd probably be trainers coming in who wanted to sleep here soon. They wouldn't have let me take this shift alone if it was in that much danger.

Behind him, Pin attempted to put the Shellos into her pouch. It would have been quite an achievement if the Blissey supervising her hadn't stopped and scolded her. Aiden turned around to make sure everything was okay but quickly turned back at the sound of the door openning.


"Ah?" Aiden exclaimed, pulling his hands back instintively. "Y-yes. I think."

He paused when Ester mentioned him saying those things to her. He would never...

"I-I didn't say things like that! I wouldn't!" He said, a little louder than usual, and then shook his head. "Th-that was loud. I'm sorry." He paused again. "Y-you're working for Doctor Mattock now? He- He makes medicine for pokemon centres in emergencies like this. I didn't know that before. This was an emergency s-so you had to come all this way. Sorry. Um, g-good luck with whatever you end up doing. I'll...I'll cheer you on no matter what."

His voice became quieter as he spoke. The last sentence was incomprehensible.
"Thanks, I'm going to try my hand at some contests when they start up. It will be fun, I think." She told him then paused and looked him right in the eye. "Really? You don't remember saying that you didn't like me?"

Ester tilted her head then leaned over the counter to give him a kiss on his cheek. "Just for a memory, and yes I'm working for Garth right now. It's actually a lot of fun. He's really sweet when he wants to be."
"O-of course not. I would never..." He trailed off again. "Contests? T-tell me when they are please! I'll...I'll cheer for you, I promise!"

He squeaked audiably at the kiss and was relived when Ester quickly changed the subject. The Blissey shook her head and tutted but didn't seem too annoyed.

"R-really? He- I thought he was really scary..."
Ester shook her head, "No, he's really nice. He was worried about me and took me out for my birthday."

"I will! Though I don't know when they start, and you will? Oh that would be great, thank you so much." Ester hugged him.
"Oh, your birthday..." Aiden started. He wasn't sure how to ask if she'd got his card, especially since he'd neglected to sign it. "D-did you have fun?"

"Of course I will." He said, nodding. He paused to pick up Pin, who was bored of being on the floor and was trying to climb him. "I'm sure you'll do great."
"Really you think so?" she blushed some and grinned, "Thank you Aiden. That's really kind of you. Shinji said that too when I was talking to him last time."
Shinji? Aiden thought. That made sense, he supposed. She hadn't shown up on valentine's day because she already had someone.

"I-I should get Drifloon. He'll want to see you." He mumbled, turning back. He stared openning cupbourds. "Misdreavus and him like napping in the shade. He likes it in these and Misdreavus likes it under the chairs..."

He finally found the right cupboard and Drifloon drifted out. He noticed Ester and sleepily floated over to her, greeting her with a quiet 'floooo'.
"Drifloon!" she exclaimed excitedly and then looked at Aiden. "Hey Aiden, do you remember Valentine's day at all?"
Valentine's day? Why would she ask about...

Aiden shook his head, he'd been trying hard not to think about that.

"On valentine's day...I was in the park with Misdreavus until it got dark. I found a doll. I think someone had lost it so I handed it in at the police station." He said, not mentioning the fact that he'd waited for her.
Ester looked at him and nearly jumped over the counter, "Was it a Arcanine doll? Or something like that? because that's what I brought for you as a gift when I met you there. You were standing there and I came over and you said for me to go away, that I was a mean person and you didn't want to see me anymore."
"Y-y-ye-ye...it was an Arcanine d-doll." Aiden said, stutter coming back for the first time in a while. This wasn't something he wanted to talk about, not least because thier stories weren't matching up at all. "B-but I never said anything like that! I never would! I-I just found it on the ground."
Ester looked at him suprised, "Wait...what...You mean you didn't see me throw it down and shout that I didn't want to talk to you again?"

Now she was confused. He'd been standing right there, they came out of his mouth didn't they...those words that hurt her so much and left her crying for days becuase of it.

"A-Aiden are you sure you you didn't say that? Because I remember you were standing under a tree, and...well you were acting a bit funny, but I thought it was because you were nervous, and well...I had the Arcanine doll in hand...And you told me that I was a mean person, that you didn't like me, and that I should go away."

She bit her lip, "How could you not remember any of it! I mean...I thought....I was going to tell you that I liked you...you know Like liked you, like how Jasmine likes Tamaki like, and....Are you sure you don't remember at all?"
Misdreavus had been woken up. A low hiss filled the room and she darted around in the shadows under the seats, trying to work out whether it was worth being under the bright lights to make that girl go away again. She didn't see why her human spent so much of his time in hereunder these bright white lights. Even travelling had been better than this, it was at least dark when it was supposed to be dark For now it wasn't worth exposure to that awful, oversaturated glow and she just glared, spectral hair swirling around her angrily. Aiden ignored it.

"P-please don't lie." He mumbled quietly. He didn't want to call Ester a liar but there was no way he could have said that. He would struggle to say something like that to anyone, let alone Ester. "I-i was there from morning until it got dark and you never arrived."
"I'm not lieing Aiden! I wouldn't lie to you. I was there, even Ebony was there! I told Dominic, Garth's trainer, where I was going that morning, he even saw me leave and saw me come back! I wouldn't lie to you. You were there, I saw you and I was going to give you the Arcanine doll!" She said heatedly to him then blinked her eyes.

"Why...Why don't you believe me? I was there Aiden...I wouldn't lie to you."
"Aiden!" A voice from the back room called. Florrance was trying to find supplies, and, for some reason, was having difficulty gathering everything together. She heard voices outside the door, and one distinctly didn't sound like the younger boy, but she didn't care. Centers were, of course, open for 24 hours straight. "Did you take Shellos' vitals lately?"

She of course was going to need another dose of caffeine before she started getting grumpy.

Her Blissey meanwhile was the one trying to keep Pin out of trouble. And failing, of course. The Pokemon would waddle along after and scold her in Blissey language.. this was after repeated failures of Pin trying to shove her into her pouch, anyway.

Of course, Aiden was supposed to be doing this shift alone, but... Florrance wanted to be around, just in case. She knew how scary it was to be by yourself, especially at night. So what if she came in to do 'inventory'? "You know you need to keep an eye on the heart-" She stepped out, just in time to see Ester and Aiden yelling at each other. Or, rather, Ester yelling at Aiden.

"...Hello..? Sorry for.. interrupting." She glanced to Aiden. "Is there a problem?"
Ester paused when she saw the lovely nurse and bit her lip. She closed her eyes and sighed muttering to herself, "I get it now..."

Looking up at the woman she gave a half hearted smile, "Hello, sorry for the noise. I was just dropping off the item that your Center requested."
"Y-yes!" Aiden said, still confused but glad for the sudden change of topic. Drifloon moved back into the open cupboard, not particularly fond of the bright lights. "He-he's doing well, he used recover when he needed to and the medicine's arrived. He's had one 20 milliletre dose so far. The next dose is due in-" he looked at his watch "52 minutes. D-doctor Mattock said it'd take one dose an hour for fourteen hours t-to neutralize the poison enough for the restoration machines to do the rest."

"Th-there's no problem. Sh-she's Doctor Mattock's assistant, she c-came to deliver the medicine..."
Florrance raised an eyebrow faintly, but her suspicious expression changed quickly at hearing that. A doctor? Hmm.. well, those were useful, so there was no need to scare his assistant away.

"Well, then.. sorry for my outburst! I was just getting a bit worried since your voice was raised, and was possibly disrupting the resting Pokemon we're tending to." She smiled sweetly, before setting her hands on her hips. The young woman was clad in her nursing uniform as she usually was, with her hair done up in nice little buns. While she shared the hair color of the Joys everyone knew about, her style was intentionally different.

"Good, Aiden. Make sure you document all that." She glanced at the clock so she could keep tabs on the time as well, before glancing back to Ester. "Can I get you anything while you're here?"