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May 2009

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rocketgreen in wingsofcolor

Who: Chase and well someone that Yasushi knows oh too well
Where: Old Rose town by a fountian in one of the parks
When: Late evening
What: A meeting of minds if you will
Why: For a fun time
Rating: PG-13, for events that might occur. (It's Chase what can I say)

Chase stood by the fountian. Thoughts raced through his mind. He wanted to challenge Yasushi again, but not just yet. He still had to find a way to over come his psychic ablity, that was what the problem was. What Yasushi had seen...It had taken Chase years to bury all his memories, and now thanks to that man they were resurfacing. Annoyed beyond belief he began to pace back and forth. He knew that in leaving a message in code at the gym might catch someone's attention, though he didn't know who. He was sure that there was someone there, someone like him, in a lot of ways, that was working for an outside source. Still he had been a bit reluctant to appear here.

Glancing down at the reflection in the fountian he saw the moon moving slowly. He'd already been waiting an hour. Like the sun the moon told time, and the slow rotation of it helped Chase gaduge how long he had been waiting. Feeling like he had been had, he was turning to go when he noticed someone coming from the shadows.

"Can I help you?" he inquired.


Satomi had no intention of making it on time to meet this mystery person. She had more important things to do than concern herself with meeting at some fountain at night. It hadn't been difficult to decipher the little code and, curious about what the person had been trying to get at by leaving, she had decided it was worth her attention. Beside her Espeon glanced back and forth quickly. She hated being out at night, she felt almost blind and a part of her believed that her psychic abilities were lessened when it wasn't light out. She nudged Satomi's hand with her head, hoping to get her trainer to put her back in her pokeball.

The cold eyed woman did as her pokemon wished and recalled her into the pokeball. She didn't quite understand why Espeon was so against being out during the night, Satomi preferred it greatly to the morning. She remained in the shadows for a few minutes, watching the dark haired boy near the fountain. Waiting just for the right moment, she finally approached him.

Quirking her brow at his question, she responded, "I'm not sure, can you?" A small smirk appeared on her lips as she approached the fountain. Leaning against it, she turned to look at him. "I was rather curious about a little message left behind at the gym..."
Chase looked over his shoulder at the young woman that came over to him. She seemed cold, reminding him a bit of the ice princess that he sometimes had to work with in the past. Still he knew how to deal with women.

A quaint smile came upon his face, "Funny how that works. Normally one would think hat a young girl like you wouldn't be coming out of the open like this in the dead of night. Then again normally a person who can decode what I put in the message would have to be someone who's had a meeting with that sort of codeing, which means that you probably work for someone other then Mr. Saito."

He looked at her, "I'm looking for help in understanding how he works."
Satomi looked at him, her eyes narrowed though it was more of a normal expression for her than one that showed anger. She didn't often get along with people and when she did, it seemed to be with people that disliked people even more than she did.

Perhaps certain people would say that she wasn't as cold as she most often acted, she just found it to be the simplest aspect of her personality to expand when hiding another. "I doubt I'm as young as you seem to think I am... and I don't have much to fear from the night." She cocked her head to the side, giving him what might almost have been an amused look, as he continued speaking. "I consider it rare to find something with singular loyalties. I think we all have something hidden beneath the surface."

Nodding slowly, she sat back on the edge of the fountain. This boy gave her no reason to want to give up any information on Yasushi. She might have been infiltrating his gym, and incredibly amused that he hadn't found her out yet, but in some way he had earned her respect. "How about you answer a question of mine. Who do you work for?"