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May 2009

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rocktomb in wingsofcolor

Who: Alvar, Yashi and any spectators
Where: Old Rose Gym
When: Just before it opens

Alvar was always amused by his daughter's behavior. His boys had been amusing too when they were her age but not nearly as consistantly as she was. As soon as he'd announced his intention to challenge Old Rose Town's leader upon his return she'd been so elated that she'd forgotten even about her own third badge. And now she was walking ahead of him and pulling him along, determined, small hand wrapped tightly around two of his fingers - she didn't hold hands. Grownups didn't. She had told him so several times.

It was still early. They had caught the first train between Magnolia and Cardinal to get here. He moved to test the gym's door to see if it was open to challengers yet but Glen pushed ahead of him, found it to be locked, and proceeded to knock loudly.


Yasushi hadn't paid for his coffee to let it grow cold. His gym wouldn't be open for another few hours, and his trainers were happy as he was they got a few hours extra in bed. When he'd taken over the gym he'd pushed the hours forward to make it easier on the young psychics who came for lessons. Except now he was being pointed and nodded at by the waitress who was pointing outside to the gym across the road. He looked out the window and saw a girl banging on the door - he didn't find it amusing. The building was special for them. He taught others to respect it.

He finished his coffee before leaving for the gym's door to see what they were doing.

"We don't open for another two hours," he said.
"Well that's stupid." Glen said before Alvar could say anything, folding her arms and sulking. "It's not good to start doing stuff late. Not healthy."

She sat on the floor cross-legged, clearly fully intending to just wait there for the two hours. Her Ralts seemed used to this and used to opportunity to clamber from her shoulders into her arms.

"Haha, my apologies then. At least this means we made good time." Alvar responded, laughing.
Takeshi was in the middle of his lessons, though he was half asleep and struggling to stay awake.

The knocking broke his concentration. Not that he was accomplishing much, he was merely trying to do something involving telekinesis and failing horribly at it. He rubbed at one eye with his hand and blinked at the door, before glancing at his watch.

"..the hell? Don't people know that it's too early to battle?" What was wrong with kids today?
Satomi quirked her brow at Takeshi. He was such a horrible psychic. She probably had more psychic ability than him even without Espeon faking it for her.

She gave him the glare she rarely stopped giving him and looked towards the door as well. Finding that she cared little about the old man and girl at the door, she turned her attention back to her own practice. Espeon laid on the floor at her side appearing to pay no attention to her trainer, though all psychic ability shown came from the pokemon and not Satomi.

"At least now I don't have to witness you're horrid attempts at telekinesis, Takeshi," she said, calling him 'Takeshi' just hoping to irritate him.
That girl.. Something bothered Takeshi about her, but he couldn't quite tell what it was. Maybe it was because she was annoying. She always had to look at him with these stupid glares and if Saito wasn't around he'd probably smack her a couple times. Or just have his Pokemon beat up her's.

"Nnn.. shup up! Nobody asked you!" He snapped, forgetting the girl outside for the moment and turning to argue pointlessly with Satomi. "My telekinesis skills are awesome!"
Yasushi looked at Glen once. He returned his attention to Alvar when he realised she wasn't threatening, intending to pay her as little attention as possible. She would only get worse the more he stared.

"All right. I'm glad you came. I was looking forward to this. Let's get started then."
Alvar nodded. "If you're willing to battle now, of course. We can wait until the gym opens. I'll challenge your gym trainers first like a real challenger if you like."

Glen, clinging to Ralts like the pokemon was a doll, looked up. She was clearly curious despite her frowning and glaring and followed the conversation carefully, looking forward to seeing her father battle in real life for the first time.
"The gym will remain closed until the time it's scheduled to open. You may battle me without facing my trainers..."

Yasushi paused. This man was an ex-champion, and he was talking to him like he did to everybody else, including Sarah. Was he really that cold? He frowned momentarily. It was what he was used to and talking like it made him feel comfortable. There wasn't a need to change.

"There will be no need. Your tenure here stands so there's no point in my wasting your time with amateurs. What are your battle terms?"
Alvar would have quite liked to waste his time with amateurs. The way people worked with thier pokemon at every level of skill interested him and there were few better ways of seeing it than in battle. Another time, perhaps. Weaker trainers might give Igglybuff a chance to fight like she seemed to want to desperately.

He thought. Aggron wasn't with him, his father's sttel pokemon only came with him if there was a chance or real danger. That left him with four pokemon, one of which was Igglybuff. Much as the baby pokemon would probably like to battle expecting her to keep up with Golem and Rhydon was unfair.

"Three on three, switches permitted." He suggested.
"Hmm, that's good enough. We'll start at the same time."

Yasushi hadn't wanted to waste Alvar's time with weaker trainers; he thought it disrespectful on his part. He understood the pride one felt in seeing children learn, but if Alvar wanted to face someone weaker then he'd have to do it in his own time. Weaker trainers had to learn before they could fight professionally.

He carried his briefcase a short distance, and then stopped to put it on the floor. He turned around with a Pokeball in hand.
Glen looked up, eyes not leaving her father as he selected a pokemon. Ralts took one of her hands in both of his and started to swing it around, significantly less interested.

He took Exploud's pokeball and threw it. Whismur had evolved after he'd retired so he'd never managed to see hom it did in battle. He wanted to know.
Yasushi looked at the Exploud, and then to Glen. He smiled briefly - the two were a good match - and selected Alakazam's Pokeball. It wouldn't be wise to send Wobbuffet out when he hadn't seen the opponent's strategy. He threw the Pokeball. He didn't like to show off in public.

"Use Focus Blast!" he ordered quickly.

Alakazam didn't get to go up against pure normal-types very often. He wanted to know how the energy would affect it, and looked to Alvar when the orange ball of energy flew towards his Pokemon.