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May 2009

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Kirlia and Pokemon

contestmastery in wingsofcolor

Who: Sarah and Yasushi
Where: Wubbuffet Village
What: Taking care of the sick
When: Afternoon, two weeks before
Why: Because they can
Rating: PG

"Kirlia, take this to Nurse Joy will you," Sarah asked her pokemon who smiled, taking the hot tea thurmose and headed over to the young nurse. Sarah turned to look at her husband who was working with an older Wubbuffet while she was feeding a baby. Smiling at him she asked kindly. "Is it feeling any bette Yasu?"


Yasushi stroked the older Wobbuffet's head; he didn't think it would be easy. He felt sorry for the Pokemon and fed it mashed berries from a bowl. Abra and others could move objects with their psychic power but Wobbuffet didn't know how. That energy collected and with nowhere to go gave them awful headaches.

He frowned, realising how fortunate he was, and when addressed looked up.

"He'll be fine in a few days. He should probably get some sleep."

Sleep was a good way to pass the time when his head ached. It held true for his own Wobbuffet, but they still had to be tired enough to sleep.
"Do you think it'll pass with just that? What could have caused this? Nurse Joy said something about interference. Some sort of wave that caused, what was it, nurological changes in their stablity. She said it was like psychic virtigo, or something. But I really don't get what that means." Sarah said to him.

She watched her husband concerned about his own health. "Yasu, do try to take a break now and again."
"It's not vertigo. If you fill a cup of beans with water, you get more coffee to drink, but the movement won't stop until it's reached a limit and settled there. They just need to live through it and let it disappear. And I'll be fine." Yasushi began to massage the top of Wobbuffet's head by pressing it between his palms. "You should go shopping. Take Aiko with you. This won't be done for a while."