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May 2009

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plagueofghosts in wingsofcolor

Who: Aiden, Open
What: Shells!
Where: Lake Aeolus
When: Morning
Why: Shells are pretty.

The lake was nice. Quiet. Later in the summer when it had absorbed more heat people would come here to swim but for now the water was still too cold for that. Aiden liked it that way, there was nobody around so he was free to gather things in peace. Arcanine lay a little way away in the warm sun. For all her bravery she prefered to stay away from the cold water. Misdreavus was keeping to the shadows of a tree a little way further back, floating up and down close to the ground in her sleep. Aiden held Pin tightly to him with one arm, he didn't want her falling in the lake, and Drifloon was tied to the wrist of the same arm.

He wandered along the banks, stopping every now and then and brushing the damp sand with his free hand, totally focussed on his task. He was gathering shells and heart scales.


[Jirou had awful luck. He pulled on the line. Harder. Then he was standing and bracing himself. Then the Pokemon broke the lake's surface - he'd fished up a Gyarados. A loud roar later, and he was running and screaming in Aiden's direction.]


Aiden had been ignoring the man who was fishing until the Gyarados appeared. Gyarados were, by their nature, not easy things to ignore. Pin seemed much more excited about this development than Aiden was. She struggled for freedom, thankfully failing, as her trainer dropped the shell he had been admiring and ran.


[Hey! Jirou thought. There's a shack! He didn't stop to look back and ran faster, ignoring Aiden and his Happiny in his mad dash for the fisherman's hut. Even a Gyarados wasn't too clever, he thought. It'd think they'd disappeared or something. Then he'd sneak out and get away.]

[He hurried inside.]


Arcanine had noticed the panic and leapt to her feet, running alongside Aiden to let him clamber onto her back. She had no intention of fighting the Gyarados unless she had to, instead dashing behind the trees that Misdreavus was sleeping under. Aiden clung to her, hiding his face in her fur. Happiny was still in his arms, a little irritated that she was being squashed.


Sarah had been walking with Aiko around the lake. Her intention had been to work on trying to find someone who had an understanding of Ghost pokemon as the main issue had been finding out about how they would work in the contests. Things had been going well for her with her daughter on her day off, that was until the Gyrados had appeared.

Aiko had yelled out in a panic at seeing it's Scary face and Sarah covered her daughter as the creature grew closer to her. She pulled out her pokeball and out appeared Snips her Scizor. Snips turned and looked at the large pokemon. "Siz...?" She questioned and she looked down at her mistress, taking up a defensive stance to protect her and Aiko.

"Shhh, don't cry Aiko! Everything will be fine," Sarah said to her and wished she could get Aiko out of there, but there wasn't much in the way of hiding. A fishing shack that was at least a good 50 meters away from where she was now crouched, some rocks that were close at hand, but not good enough for protection from a large attack, and the treeline that was about twenty to thirty meters away, but still not close enough for her to get to in the event of an attack.


Aiden shook his head. He didn't want to battle the gyarados but he had to keep Pin safe no matter what and it seemed the only way to do that would be to make it go away. Was there any way to do that without battling it?

"Mi-misdreavus! Please wake up..." He whispered. Misdreavus' eyes opened and she was at his side before he could blink. She wouldn't pass up a chance to prove herself better than Arcanine. "Use confuse ray on it. Maybe if it's confused it'll go away...b-but come back here right after. Don't get hurt."

Misdreavus nodded, floating through the tree toward the angered gyarados. She locked eyes with it and her eyes glowed a soft blue.


Sarah watched in shock as the ghost pokemon floated towards the Gyrados and started to get into it's mind. She glanced over her shoulder at the boy there blinked. Aiko calmed herself and she nodded her head. "Stay down Aiko. Things will be okay."