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May 2009

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Who: Team Sol, and anyone that tries to stop them BUT YOU SHALL ALL FAIL
What: Ruins Raid!
Where: Old Rose Ruins
When: Late Afternoon
Why: To capture and secure Entei.

"Our objective is clear," Minyako Tsukino said to her Commanders and all the members of Team Sol that had assembled with them at the Old Rose Town's Ruins. "Capture and secure the Legendary known as Entei." She turned to a group of Agents, "Lead the Old Rose Gym Trainers into the Hourglass Woods, and keep them from leaving. Battle anyone that tries and stop us. Incompetence will not be tolerated."

She gave them all a curt nod, "Move out."


"Right Boss, we just have to get them to come out and play. But who's going after the Entei? Just wondering because the last time we were doing this we had some trouble with some of the local younger trainers." She looked a bit worried thinking about what could happen if they failed.
"That is why you're going with the others to make sure those pesky trainers stay away." Really, was it that difficult? The youngest Commander narrowed her eyes faintly. "Go and stand on guard as Boss told you, you're wasting time."
Aki listened. He didn't intend to battle trainers - he'd blow them away and secure that amazing Legendary Pokemon. The thought of securing a perfect being... His hands shook; he brushed back his hair and gulped. Rowan had surmised some Pokemon didn't evolve because they'd reached the peak of evolution. To catch one and study it would be a life-lasting achievement.

He wore his lab coat over his uniform. He felt more comfortable with it, as if it justified working with this organisation.

A cough, and he began walking.
Chase had come to the ruins just for one reason. Exploration. It wasn't that he minded the change, he just wanted to find something that could be used against Yasushi. After all the man had caused him considerable pain. He was in his own world, listening to music when he noticed some movement in the soil above his head.

"Huh? Wonder what's going on," he muttered and headed back up the stairs with Wiggy to see what was happening.
Satomi probably knew the ruins much better than any of the members of Team Sol that had finally shown up for the raid. Not only had she spent much of her time, when she wasn't needed at the gym, exploring the ruins but she had grown up in the town. However, at this point she was too annoyed at the amount of time it had taken Minyako to decide to start the raid that she was loathe to offer her assistance in navigating the ruins. Instead, she remained hidden as well as she could and watched as people entered.

Spotting the boy the had spoken to not long before this, she gave an amused little laugh before speaking, "I would leave if I were you. You shouldn't involve yourself in things that have nothing to do with you."
Kodachi listened closely as the orders were made clear, and they were certainly crystal enough. Simple, too. Just had to go in and keep a large, legendary creature from escaping. No problem.

Kody nodded and began walking deeper into the ruins.

Speaking of Old Rose trainers...

Takeshi was out and about, as he tended to be. He walked carelessly, not fully paying attention to anything, really, with his Girafarig at his side. She paused occasionally to nibble at some grass.

"Man, those other trainers are a real drag sometimes." He sighed. He was frustrated, and tired of being disappointed. His Pokemon tried to cheer him up on numerous occasions, but it was very upsetting for him. To think he didn't have any psychic abilities at all..

Girafarig made a soft noise, ears perked and eyes toward the ruins. Something felt off about that place.. Curiously she began to approach, leaving Takeshi momentarily alone as he wallowed in self pity.

Re: Speaking of Old Rose trainers...

Something odd? In his town?

Yasushi was caught between the breathlessness of surprise and astonishment as he ran. He'd been telephoned at the Gym. Somebody was actually attacking the woods?

He tried to keep himself calm, so he would be able to handle anything that happened with coolness and planning. Coming across Takeshi, he slowed himself. How long would it take for the police to get there first? He needed to find the trainers first anyway, to make sure they all knew what was happening.

"What are you doing?! Team Sol's attacking the woods!" he yelled.

Re: Speaking of Old Rose trainers...

Takeshi snapped from his thoughts at Saito's voice, and he stared at him a second before his eyes narrowed. "Wh-what?! No way, not on my watch!" How dare they! What on earth did they think they were doing? Well, Takeshi definitely had to show them!

"C'mon, Gira! We gotta stop them!"

The wandering Pokemon lifted her head and glanced back at them, noticing the urgency. She quickly trotted back to them, and once she was back within a comfortable distance, Takeshi looked to Saito.

"Let's get em! Where are they?"

Re: Speaking of Old Rose trainers...

Yasushi would have stroked Girafarig if this an ordinary moment. It wasn't, and that pulse-raising urgency made him look towards the woods. He had faith in his trainers; he taught them and was proud of them. He was sure they would succeed.

"Hmph. They're heading for the Hourglass Woods. Get a move on. We'll cut them down before they get anywhere near the Abra."
"Right." Now he was determined. There was no way he was going to back down from a fight.

Girafarig was the faster of the three and reached the battle first. And indeed, it certainly was one. Takeshi stopped to catch his breath for only a second, coming to a stop next to Gira.

"Y'ready, girl?" He asked, glancing down to her. The Girafarig glanced back up at him, and nodded, matching his determination. "Right! Now, start with-"

"Gira!" The Pokemon exclaimed and charged into battle, glowing faintly from an agility attack. Takeshi stood there, momentarily dumbfounded with his arm up. How did Gira know he was going to tell her that?

Speaking of Abras, Takeshi was currently sleeping nearby under a tree, seeming to pay no mind to the battle occurring just in front of her.
Aiden had been sat on Arcanine's back as she walked through town, occasionally leaning forward over her head to hold a spicey poffin near her mouth. He still had a few hours until his shift began so he'd bought a mixed bag of broken poffins that couldn't be sold and was feeding them to his pokemon. Pin was, unfortunately, left out of this. She couldn't eat solid food yet.

He overheard the gym leader and Arcanine growled, understanding before Aiden did. Those people who had taken Arcanine away and hurt that girl...were here? Arcanine was running before aien could give the command. Even with her mistress long gone she was still a police dog and this was still her town. She wouldn't let anyone into the woods.

Aiden held her neck fur tightly with one hand to avoid falling, the other holding Pin to him tightly. Drifloon was tied around his wrist and was pulled along but Misdreavus wasn't and struggled to keep up. When she finally slowed she had caught up with the two psychics. She didn't enter the battle right away but Aiden felt her fur shift under his skin, standing on end to make her seem larger as she snarled, baring her teeth to make a threat. Aiden sat up, recalling Pin to keep her safe.