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May 2009

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euans_end in wingsofcolor

Who: Jirou, purple, rochelle, gaspard, and anybody else who likes to come along.
What: Euan's 25th Birthday
Where: his local pub (Tohaido-bar)
When: evening
Why: Euan likes to give free drinks for his bday.

<lj-cut text="Harbourstreet 3 close to pier 32 a ">

Euan has entered his pub which is a rather rusitc place- the front of the entrace has an arrangement of Sharpedo heads above the front door, covered by old nets . The interior is merely out of old thick oak wood, and old fishernets are hanging from the low ceiling. The lightfittings have the look of old oil lamps. The fishernets have a lot of mussle and starfish, and broken parts from pokémon. The walls around have old seamaps of the whole world and maps which show the closer region, as well as epic battles with seacreatues in picture. Music is played mostly popular oldies.
It is still early so he sits down and gets his first drink and sees who else comes .


Jirou looked up, and was confronted by an arrangement of Sharpedo heads over the entrance. His breath caught in his throat and he stepped back, a nervous expression on his face. This was the place, he thought. He'd followed instructions precisely [something he wasn't good at] and found himself in the right city. But something wasn't...

He grimaced, and at that moment the smell of salt air gusted up his nose, making him gag.

"I hope they're fake."

His hands brushed aside the nets, and he went inside to look for Euan.
Euan looked around, and saw a known face , which look slightly starled . "Hey Jirou over here," he waved his arm .
Jirou smiled and ambled over. Free drinks!

So Howsit? Euan smiled . Did you find the way easily?, and of course what would you liek for a drink? Euan began reciting a few names .
Do you like Mahagonia Brown ale?, Goldenrod wheat? You see they have quite a lot of choice of different beer here, either draught or bottled . Euan pointed to the drafts that were quite centred at the bar.
"Uh. Yeah, prety much."

Jirou's eyes had widened. He was looking at the bar, wondering what half of those recited beers were. He didn't really drink straight from the glass. He didn't like the mess.

"Whatever's sweet. In a bottle'd be awesome."
Nice :) Euan called a Bartender, for an Anemonia Bay Lager. and ordered also a can of peanuts.
Seen anybody else so far?
(OCC btw: how did the battle end xD)
It is usally not as silent at this time...anyway- how was the day?
[OOC: Please remind me which battle. My mind's foggy.]

Jirou shook his head. His expression showed disappointment. He wondered how you could even put peanuts in a can [and whether they were salted] before sitting down. He looked around, thinking that at least the stools were comfortable. Resting his hands in his lap, he sighed loudly.

"Work was a bummer. My boss is a real slave-driver."
Euan looked at the canned Peanuts to see if there is anything odd at them , after all it was his fav brand , spicey peanuts roasted over fire .

He couldn't see anything. Anyway man, cheers !
Who do you work for anyway? sounds like you're not getting much of it ?

Euan was glad that he could work quite freely and only needed a report every now and then to his employer , even though he still didn't like paper work though.
[OCC] battle in cardinal city pier) wasn't finished as far as I rememeber)
[OOC: Sorry about that! I totally missed the alert. It's an old thread but I can reply to it if you'd like, or we can say Euan won since he had home turf advantage. Even Jirou wouldn't make Infernape battle right near the ocean~]

Jirou grimaced when he saw the 'spicy peanuts!' label. He didn't like most nuts. They were dry and disgusting whenever he chewed them. He knew, however, not to reveal too much about his line of work.

"Some faceless corporate executive," he said, and he sighed again. "I mean I love co-ordinating but it doesn't really pay the bills. What about you?"
Faceless corporation. It seemed he did not like to tell too much about it.

It's in cardinal isn't it? At least I 've seen you often there .
I just do some studies on the feeding habits of sea Pokémon, as well as the effects of environmental pollution at the moment, contains unfortunately also quite some paperwork , but I enjoy being in water.

Euan was getting poured his second beer, and also asked the bartender to get a second for jirou too.
Jirou smiled at the second drink. "Hey! You're a pretty nice guy. Thanks."

He didn't, as Euan had guessed, talk about his other lines of work much. "Yeah. Those other jobs pay the bills. My Pokemon have to eat, you know? I was kind of wondering why lots of your Pokemon were water-typed. I guess I know now. They really seem to love you."

He took a swig of beer. Bitter. "Man, I'd give anything for your job."
ha~~~Euan ruffled his hair and smirked."Well" he said " My parents put me through the whole line of education when other friends of mine were going on travels. Thats why I am not such a brilliant trainer either- but they said in case I wasn't good enough I have something to fall back on, only now it is the only thing I am doing. I 'd like to go a bit through Shiko after finishing my current assignment maybe - till now I haven't seen much of it.

I do a lot with my Pokémon, I got Morty by the way, as a Mudkip, so Ispent a lot of time with him already and so most of the times , especially when I am working they are outside. I think they like it. I only have to say that Gulli is not my Pokémon by the way- I am his human rather. I guess other Pokémon also have their humans, the people just don't know that they are."

Euan liked this topic and nearly forget to take another sip of his beer. "How did you get to your Arbok by the way? Did you meet it as a ekans or was it already evolved? , I don't actually know where to catch those Pokémon, because I am only spending time by the sea "

"By the way-", "do you do the food of our Pokémon yourself?""You can save a lot of money on that." They also stay healthier that way, I mostly don't rust what they put in common food nowadays..

Jirou looked at the floor. A guilty expression was on his face, and he leaned on a fist, feigning interest. It was good, he'd learned, to seem like you were paying attention to anything anyone had to say. It made them warm towards you, and that made them gullible.

"Ah, well. I traded for him." He looked guilty at this. "This kid wasn't able to handle him so I traded a Lombre I had. The little guy was looking forward to a new owner. We'd agreed to find something new. But we'll meet up later!" He still looked guilty. "And nah. I buy food. My job doesn't leave me with the time I need."