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May 2009

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† battle

abramentis in wingsofcolor

Who: Open to everyone.
What: Yashi's making dolls move for Aiko with PSYCHIC POWERS.
Where: Old Rose Town, park.
When: Early afternoon.
Why: Yasushi wants to play with his daughter and the mun wants something light-hearted.

It was early afternoon and Yasushi was standing in the park, thinking about the recent events with Team Sol that were still in the fore as his daughter toddled uncertainly over freshly cut grass. She was following a Charmeleon plush doll . It moved unaided across the grass, walking like it were a real Pokemon. She attempted to walk after it and fell down. Yasushi couldn't help his smile as he went over to help... She made him happy.


Sarah was watching and walked over. She had just finished up her meeting with the new offical coordinator judges for that start of the new pokemon contests. Her eyes fell upon her toddling daughter then on the charmeleon and she laughed some.

"You certainly have a way of charming her, Yasu,"she came over to him and touched his shoulder. "How has she been?"
The Charmeleon fell to the floor. Yasushi had been too engrossed in keeping it moving -- keeping Aiko happy -- than paying attention to the world around him. So when Sarah touched his shoulder he looked like he didn't know what to do.

"Huh? Oh, she's been well. Where have you been?"
Sarah sighed, she wished she could be there more for her daughter, but it was difficult now with the contest season fast approaching. "Dealing with coordinator judges that really don't get the concept of juding. I swear this year they picked a bad bunch."

She smiled at him, "I be much happier if I was here watching you play with her. Sometimes I regret becoming the head judge. But someone has to keep the contests going and the coordinators in line."

Sarah tilted her head slightly to look at her daughter, "Is it me or has she grown another few centimenters?"
Yasushi looked at Aiko. "Oh, you think so?"

He hated saying it, but as much as Sarah had to work for the contests, he had to spend that much time in the Gym. Therefore he didn't spend as much time with Aiko as he wanted to.

"If they don't perform well, sack them. That's all you have to do."
Takeshi was nearby, not too close to be a disturbance but not too far to be weird or a creeper or anything as he watched them. They were having a moment, and he was on break from his training (though he felt like he didn't get enough of those, honestly).

Watching Aiko made him miss his sister, so he was more intent on observing than interrupting for the moment.