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May 2009

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disguise: bring it on

raptorial_bird in wingsofcolor

One way or another, I'm gonna find ya

Who: Kodachi (undercover, of course~), Garth, Team Sol Grunts, and anyone who wants to get involved.
What: Team Sol's gunning for the fossil that Garth stole from them! (what a jerk srsly)
Where: Around Apricot Gym.
When: Right now~ actually early afternoonish.
Why: Nobody steals from Team Sol! Plus it's a way for Kodachi to stretch out her new commander wings~

This was it. She'd only have one attempt to do this, and it'd have to work. She had been nervously awaiting a chance to prove herself in front of her bosses.. No, in front of her collegues. She knew her boss knew she had what it took, but the other commanders viewed her as a threat. An outsider.

Just because she was young didn't mean she didn't have experience. She was almost the champion a few years ago. Almost.. if it wasn't for the stupid brat that beat her with his stupid Pikachu.

Anyway, she had to stay focused. She adjusted the cap over her wig, one of a bright neon green color, and tried to ignore the way her purple contacts gave the world an odd purple sheen to them. Whatever. Disguise was a disguise. She walked up to Apricot gym, trying to peer inside the windows. "Hello? Like.. is anyone there?" A few knocks. The statement about him closing the gym couldn't have been serious.. right?


"Oh, hi!" She shuffled a bit, trying to look like an inexperienced, awkward trainer as she shoved out her hand in greeting. "My name's Autumn! I'm here to challenge you for a gym badge!" She smiled, saccharine sweet, and inclined her head with a tilt as she glanced passed him. "Like.. are you alone? Aren't there usually gym trainers?"
"I see." Garth said, nodding and shaking the outstretched hand. "Unually there are, it seems most of them have left for lunch."

Hoppip had turned back to wave to Ester but quickly spun to face the challenger again, curious. She liked people.

"Normally you'd be expected to face gym trainers first but I suppose if can't be helped if they've all decided to leave at the same time. I'd be happy to accept your challenge."
'Autumn' smiled widely as she shook his hand. Good. Even less people to stand in the way. "Aww, what a shame. Well, I guess it can't be helped. When shall we start?"

She waved a bit at Hoppip, trying to keep the smile genuine.

(sorry for taking so long, this totally slipped my mind)

"Now is fine, if you're ready." Garth said, turning back into the greenhouse. There was a clear area just beyond the entrance with just grass, no other plants in the way. It allowed battles to occur without damaging the surrounding plants.