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May 2009

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disguise: bring it on

raptorial_bird in wingsofcolor

One way or another, I'm gonna find ya

Who: Kodachi (undercover, of course~), Garth, Team Sol Grunts, and anyone who wants to get involved.
What: Team Sol's gunning for the fossil that Garth stole from them! (what a jerk srsly)
Where: Around Apricot Gym.
When: Right now~ actually early afternoonish.
Why: Nobody steals from Team Sol! Plus it's a way for Kodachi to stretch out her new commander wings~

This was it. She'd only have one attempt to do this, and it'd have to work. She had been nervously awaiting a chance to prove herself in front of her bosses.. No, in front of her collegues. She knew her boss knew she had what it took, but the other commanders viewed her as a threat. An outsider.

Just because she was young didn't mean she didn't have experience. She was almost the champion a few years ago. Almost.. if it wasn't for the stupid brat that beat her with his stupid Pikachu.

Anyway, she had to stay focused. She adjusted the cap over her wig, one of a bright neon green color, and tried to ignore the way her purple contacts gave the world an odd purple sheen to them. Whatever. Disguise was a disguise. She walked up to Apricot gym, trying to peer inside the windows. "Hello? Like.. is anyone there?" A few knocks. The statement about him closing the gym couldn't have been serious.. right?


((OOC: I already mentioned this to Kody-mun but in case anyone else joins in I'll repeat it. I kindof want Garth to keep the fossil if possible. His reserch, on the other hand, is fair game and TMV says stealing it'll get people in Aki's good books.))

Garth really should, he noted to himself, consider organizing this room better some time. He understood where things were in the piles of paper and books but his trainers didn't, it made it impossible to ask them to go get things for him.

He finally found the notebook he'd been looking for and pulled it from the bottom of a pile, somehow manging not to topple it. The fossil was being kept in this small, dark room in the far corner of the large greenhouse that was his gym. He'd made arrangements to take a quick trip to Cinnabar in Kanto to have it restored but until then it was just another peice of information.

When he emerged and saw someone looking in through the glass he wondered why none of his trainers were dealing with her but a quick check of his watch ansewred his question. He'd been in there longer than he thought and they'd all have left to get lunch.

"Hello?" He asked, assuming the girl was a challenger and openning the doors for her. Hoppip chirped and waved her leaves around in greeting. "Can I help you?"