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May 2009

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Three Years Ago....

Who: Garth and Tamaki
What: Learning to battle from the Dork
When: Three years prior to events here
Where: Outside of Garth's home town in a medow
Why: Becuase he needs someone to teach him that won't ask too many dumb questions.
(Ooops too late)

Tamaki looked up at the sky, at nineteen years old he was the youngest gym leader in the region, and that was already almost three years running. He was pacing around trying to wrap his head around the note he had gotten two weeks before from a trainer at Apricot City. It had asked him to help teach a person how to battle, though the note didn't say who or why they wanted to learn. Just that it had to be kept quiet and that if he failed to show up there would be a lot of trouble for him, namely several vileplums released into his gym.

He didn't want or need that, so he'd come, and had hoped for the best. Checking over his pokemon one more time he petted Chazz who was sitting on his shoulder happily churping. The young chatot seemed to be in a good mood and that made him happy.

"So who do you think I'm going to get to teach huh Chazz? Maybe it might be a pretty girl? Wouldn't that be funny if it was. Oh maybe it's a famous person who needs to learn for a movie. An Actor I bet. Oh oh, and if things go right I could maybe help train the pokemon for the show!" He was excitedly going on and on about things when he heard a noise coming up from behind him. The soft clearing of a throat caused Tamaki to jump with a yelp and turn fast to see a young man, older then he was, standing there in a white coat with a Paras by his side. Tamaki raised an eyebrow at this and tilted his head.

"Um... can I help you?"


Garth had been back in Shiko for two weeks now. He had made up his mind not to particularly like anything here. This wasn't his home anymore. He couldn't hold much hope for his father approving of him abandonning the gym and returning to Kin Island and his studies and girlfriend and so he was instead, painfully childish as it was, sulking.

Medicine was far more important than the gym anyway. Saving lives compared to some juvenile and barbaric game. He'd only had to fight one gym battle so far and sending Paras to fight that pokemon, watching him writhe in pain when it used a fire attack...he was more sure than ever that tradition or no, this was something he wanted nothing to do with.

But since he didn't have much choise it was all he could do to learn all he could so to be able to better keep his precious friends from harm. So he had agreed to these stupid lessons.

The thought didn't even cross his mind that the blonde boy who was speaking to him could be the man his father had asked to teach him.

"Oh, thank you. I am looking for Tamaki Kido, the Orange Town gym leader. Have you seen him anywhere?"
Tamaki was suprised by the young man before him. He was older, clearly more mature, and obviously not happy about being there. He was dressed in a white lab coat, and looked rather tired and distant. Taking a breath he smiled and pointed to himself.

"Yup I have, I could show you him if you'd like." Tamaki pointed to the pool of water that was in the meadow where they were at. The small pond reflected the two young men in it. "Right there. That's him."
Garth was honestly surprised at Tamaki's age. Then again, it was his brother who was meant to take the gym and Tamaki couldn't be much younger than him. He tried not to show it too much as he turned back from the water.

"Surely it would have been more efficient to simply confirm that it was you?" He said, unimpressed by Tamaki's trick. He shook his head to confirm that the question was rhetorical and held out a hand. Paras clambered up the back of his coat on on to his shoulder to get a better look at Tamaki.

"Garth Mattock, leader of Apricot City gym as of my father's retirement three days ago. I was led to understand that my father summoned you here. Is this correct?"
Tamaki grinned and smiled rubbing his head after shaking Garth's outstreched hand. "Well you don't have to put it that way. It was kind of a suprised that I was asked to do this anyway. Not too many people like me seeing as I'm the youngest here. Um. So you're the Garth huh? I've heard James Hino talk alot about you. He said you're someone for me to study in the future."

Tilting his head and looking at Paras he grined, "You better be careful with the bug pokemon. I use Flying and birds do tend to eat them."

Tamaki put his hands behind his head, "So what sort of lessons are you looking for?"
"Study?" Garth repeated, a little confused. "I doubt it. I am not...particularly interesting."

He reached a hand up to his shoulder to cover Paras as Tamaki spoke, taking the good natured joke as a threat and frowning. "I assure you that that any attempts to do so withh be sorely regretted." He growled.

"I hve found myself in a...unique...position. Despite the implications of my inherited title I have never battled with pokemon before and I am stuggling to apply theoretical knowledge to battle. My father requested that I learn quickly and-" He realized he was dodging a question that he needed to ansewr to continue. "...The basics, if you could."
"Heh I bet you are," Tamaki grinned happily then saw his reaction to the joke and quickly backed off. "Oh no no no, I would never want that to happen. Seriously I was just kidding."

Tamaki stopped and looked at him suprised, "Wait you mean you never...Oh well, I thought that..." He thought a moment then nodded. "Okay sure, I mean there are things you must know like the rules and how to get the pokemone out and so forth?"
"...of course I know how to use a pokeball." Garth said, shaking his head. "I realize that the pokemon fight each other with strategic assistance from the trainer and that a battle is won when one pokemon is unable to continue battling. I know the strengths and weaknesses of various types of pokemon. I am unaccustomed to giving strategic assistance and I am concerned about pokemon becoming injured as a result."

He sighed and shook his head again. "I am a doctor, not a trainer. I was studying to become a pokemon professor so I know what I need to know to instruct new trainers on how to battle. I am just struggling to apply it."